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Upper Horfield’s Pride of Place Initiative: Residents and Partners Working Together for Change

Costs and savings

Running the POP project costs BCHF little in terms of cash each year. It has a notional budget of £1500 which is used to purchase equipment, send Street Reps on training or visits to other groups. The lead officer would typically spend about 1.5 days per week on average servicing the group which now extends to all other neighbourhoods where BCHF has properties. Other officers attend as part of their core work. The main savings that have been made have been to the amount of time the Neighbourhood Caretaker is spending removing litter and bulky items.

About this case study
Main Contact

Scott Jacobs-Lange

Neighbourhood and Communities Manager


Telephone: 0117 9319776

Ben Lavender

Field Intelligence Officer - Bristol North


Telephone: 0117 9455081

Scott Jacobs-Lange provided Governance International with this case study on 2 May 2011.

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