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From Total Place to Total Neighbourhood: the Resident-led Renewal of Balsall Heath in Birmingham

Performance Indicators


Be Birmingham, the city's strategic partnership, holds an Annual Opinion Survey of 8,000 residents in 31 neighbourhoods. The Annual Opinion Survey is a citywide survey measuring residents’ satisfaction with local public services, perceptions of their local community and their views on challenges facing the city as a whole.


As you can see in the table below Balsall Heath performed better than the average for the whole city for residents agreeing or strongly agreeing that:

  • they can influence decisions that affect their local areas and their own lives.
  • the local area has a good reputation.
  • they feel safe in their local area during the day and at night.
  • the local area is improving.

Table: Comparison of citizen satisfaction between Balsall Heath and Birmingham City average

Source: Be Birmingham - Annual Opinion Survey Data, 2010 (Click here for more information).

About this case study
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Dick Atkinson

Balsall Heath Forum

0121 446 6183

Dick Atkinson provided Governance International with this case study on 15th May 2010.

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