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Angels of Beauty: How volunteers help to keep Florence beautiful


The volunteers have not only improved a number of selected public spaces and sites in Florence but also provided the local authority of Florence and other service providers with new ideas on how to improve public services.

This includes:

  • The simplification of municipal regulation to improve public urban spaces.
  • The introduction of a fine of €75 for people writing graffiti in non-authorised spaces.


Low fines and lack of surveillance of monuments suggest the need for a digital platform to classify and monitor the management of graffiti. This digital platform is very important because it can improve the network between different public administrations and volunteer associations. Using  this digital platform could enhance efficiency and effectiveness, e.g. by helping to select in how many parts of the city volunteers can operate in agreement with Environment Department  of Florence city. 



About this case study
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Diana Artuso

Graduate, Executive Master Management Public Administration SDA BOCCONI ITALY
Public Manager
INPS (National Institute Social Security) Catania,  Italy

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Foundation Angeli del Bello
Phone: 0039 055 7339 280
0039 340 000 4806

This case study was written by Diana Artuso for Governance International in July 2015.

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