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Angels of Beauty: How volunteers help to keep Florence beautiful

Learning points

The Angels of Beauty initiative increased the civic sense of identify of citizens  and introduced new ways to care for and clean up public urban spaces . Volunteers activity improved awareness of the important role of citizens. They contributed to circle of  positivity, increasing solidarity and reciprocity versus indifference.

Given that this initiative has now matured, some volunteers have moved on to do other things. This requires the continual marketing of the initiative to recruit new volunteers and to incentivize them to get involved. New volunteers can be recruited from medium-sized to large companies, which may consider this as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility Program. In addition, the Foundation needs to explore whether the members of other civic associations may be willing to become involved. Finally, the Foundation needs to explore greater use of social media to reach out to new groups of potential volunteers. 

About this case study
Main Contact

Diana Artuso

Graduate, Executive Master Management Public Administration SDA BOCCONI ITALY
Public Manager
INPS (National Institute Social Security) Catania,  Italy

Contacts Foundation Angels of Beauty

Foundation Angeli del Bello
Phone: 0039 055 7339 280
0039 340 000 4806

This case study was written by Diana Artuso for Governance International in July 2015.

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