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Angels of Beauty: How volunteers help to keep Florence beautiful


Florence is known all over the world for its artistic heritage, which has meant that it benefited from special status as a UNESCO protected site since 2006. What most tourists visiting Florence are less aware of are the activities of about 1800 volunteers who are working with the nonprofit organisation Angels of Beauty and the professional gardeners of the local authority of Florence, who are all working to keep Florence beautiful.

About this case study
Main Contact

Diana Artuso

Graduate, Executive Master Management Public Administration SDA BOCCONI ITALY
Public Manager
INPS (National Institute Social Security) Catania,  Italy

Contacts Foundation Angels of Beauty

Foundation Angeli del Bello
Phone: 0039 055 7339 280
0039 340 000 4806

This case study was written by Diana Artuso for Governance International in July 2015.

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