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Here you can read press coverage of recent Governance International activities.

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July 2014

The Austrian national newspaper Die Presse showcases the participatory budget of the local council Vorderstoder (about 800 inhabitants) in the state of Oberösterreich as a model within their series “99 ideas for democracy”. The directly elected mayor, Gerhard Lindbichler, initiated this unique experiment being inspired from a presentation and workshop by Elke Loeffler. The Vorderstoder approach follows the Governance International co-commissioning model which empowers citizens to actively help the local authority to improve services or infrastructure. As Elke points out in the Governance International interview with Die Presse, “participatory budgeting should not only focus on the local budget but also on the available resources of citizens. This is not only about volunteering but also about making use of the expertise and knowledge of local people to make public services more effective”.

Project group "Bürgerhaushalt" of the Austrian local council Vorderstoder
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