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Interested in public service co-production, outcome-based commissioning, quality management or good governance? Make use of our free resources to transform public services. 

A lot of our research has been commissioned by government departments or organisations such as the OECD and Bertelsmann Foundation – where they are publicly available you can download them.

Latest publications

Present Report 2016

The idea of PRESENT is simple - it's about co-producing improved wellbeing with people living with dementia in East Dunbartonshire. Download our new project report to learn how the Governance International Co-Production Star has guided staff, carers and people living with dementia to co-commission, co-design, co-deliver and co-assess improved wellbeing. Get in touch with the authors if you are interested in working with the Co-Production Star to improve wellbeing of people living with dementia.


Public Management and Governance

Third Edition

This best-selling text book is a major source in its field for readers interested in public policy, government or public governance. It has excellent case studies and chapters by authors from the US and Asia, as well as a large core of chapters by top academics in the UK. It has already been published in Japanese, and editions are being prepared in a number of other foreign languages. More...

Co-production and community governance

Two Welsh government reports

The Welsh government has published two exciting reviews in December 2014 to feed into its current review of public services in Wales. This includes a review of the evidence for co-production by Prof. Tony Bovaird and Elke Loeffler “Bringing the power of the citizen into local public services” and another review by Prof. Tony Bovaird "Community Democratic Governance: Evidence Synthesis and Advice" which synthesises existing evidence from the UK and internationally on community governance. 

The new commissioning model of services for young people in Surrey

Evaluation of achievements and implications

Can you imagine the possibility of improving outcomes for young people, while reducing the council’s budget by 25%? This is what Surrey County Council has achieved through a major transformation of services for young people.

Read the case study by Chris Tisdall to learn about the change management process toward outcome-based commissioning and co-production.

Download the recent evaluation report by Birmingham University and Governance International to understand how you can put outcome-based commissioning and co-production into practice. 

The Governance International Co-Production Star

A toolkit for public services and communities

This briefing note gives you a practical understanding of how our co-production toolkit supports organisations and communities to achieve better outcomes together. It enables you to map with your partners how much co-production is already taking place, how to make it better and how to scale it up. Mini-case studies provide you with new ideas to take forward your co-production strategy. So don't wait - explore our Co-Production Star now.

Co-Production Star flyer (English version)
Koproduktion in der Mitmach-Stadt (German version)
La Co-Production Du Service Public (French version).

Contact for further information and if you prefer a hard copy.

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