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Jimmy Carlson OBE, a former homeless soldier, who has been recognised for his work to help the homeless, was interviewed on 1 August 2012.

Topics discussed include: How can people re-build their lives after being made homeless? How can the public sector change to support the homeless effectively?

Read the full interview.


Making health and social care personal and local: From mass production to co-production - Video interviews with authors of the Governance International & LGiU book published in 2012

Topics discussed include: Co-production in public services – a glass half empty or half full? How does co-production work in practice? What needs to change in health and social care so that professionals and citizens can realise the full potential of co-production?

Watch the video clips with Paul Corrigan, Helen Allen (Community Catalysts), Cllr Ed Davie (LB of Lambeth), Gerry Power (Joint Improvement Team, Scotland), Laura Wilkes (LGiU) and other authors.


Edgar Cahn, father of timebanking and social innovator - interviewed on 12 April 2012.

Topics discussed include: How can we make co-production work in public services? What is the potential of co-production in dealing with ‘wicked problems such as obesity, overflowing prisons and the ageing society?

Read the full interview.

Social Media

Alasdair Mangham, Head of Information Systems and Development, London Borough of Camden - interviewed on 2 July 2010.

Topics discussed include: how the London Borough of Camden uses social media in order to effectively engage with its residents.

Read the full interview in English or the German translation by the Swiss Society of Public Administration (SGVW).


Enrico Prevedello, Mobility Manager of Politecnico di Milano - interviewed on 28 April 2010.

Topics discussed include: why mobility is a problem for pedestrians and cyclists in Milan and the major mobility initiative that has been launched by Politecnico di Milan to improve this.

Read the full interview in English or click here to download the Italian version. 

Customer Orientation

Giampiero Palmieri, Modena Council and Claudio Forghieri, Manager of the Modena e-network Mo-Net - interviewed on 24 March 2010.

Topics discussed include: why the City of Modena has 5000 fans on Facebook, how the City of Modena delivers personalised information to local citizens, why UnoX1 is a cost-effective way of running surveys and other research, how the CRM system can also be used for participatory budgeting and other forms of engagement.

Read the full interview in English or click here to download the Italian version. 


Luc Vanacker, Public Waste Agency of Flanders (OVAM) and Kristof Van Stichelen of the home-composting NGO Vlaco in Mechelen, Belgium - interviewed on 26 February 2010.

Topics discussed include: how the Belgian region of Flanders managed to reduce household waste significantly, why 43% of the population are engaged in home composting, how the mixed ‘pricing and sensibilisation’ approach works in practice.

Read the full interview.


Susan Munves, Energy and Green Building Programs Administrator for the City of Santa Monica, Office of Sustainability and the Environment in Santa Monica California - interviewed on 9 February 2010.

Topics discussed include: why Santa Monica has managed to triple the number of solar installations in three years, how it acts as an advisor for citizens and makes the economic cases for solar investments, why feed-in tariffs are key for high density areas.

Read the full interview.


Hannes Wezel, Head of Unit for Citizen Engagement of Nürtingen Council in South-West Germany - interviewed on 1 September 2009.

Topics discussed include: how Nürtingen became the top scorer in community engagement in Germany, the supportive role of the local newspaper and local business, integration of disadvantaged groups as a new challenge for Nürtingen and German local authorities.

Read the full interview.

Good governance

Alison Kelly, Strategy Advisor at the Audit Commission - interviewed on 18 March 2009.

Topics discussed include: how ordinary people can improve the governance of public agencies, what public governance is about, why the Audit Commission has moved from the comprehensive performance assessment (CPA) to the comprehensive area assessment (CAA) and the role of governance in the current financial crisis.

Read the full interview.
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