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Go where the people are: The Netti-Nysse bus in Tampere


Tampere in Finland has become internationally known for its e-government activities. It is the third biggest city in Finland (about 220,000 inhabitants) with three universities. Many ICT companies, including Nokia, are based there.

At the same time, Tampere has become known for its innovative digital inclusion training approach. This training is not provided in a library or other public building but in a bus. The basic idea is simple: ‘go where the people are who need a service’. Indeed, this idea is catching  - it is now being used in new health care services which are provided on wheels.

Elina Harju reported at a West Midlands Co-Production Network event in Birmingham in January 2013 how the Tampere internet bus is being used to co-design public services with citizens.

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Elina Harju

Learning Bridge Project

Education Export Network in the Tampere region, Finland

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Elina Harju wrote this case study for Governance International on 23 May 2013.

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