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Recreation, education and wellbeing: The community-led Nature Park in Feldkirch, Austria

Learning points

The Nature Park would not have been possible if the three founders had not shared their ideas during an informal round table (in German ‘Stammtisch’) and their personal networks which enabled them to mobilise volunteers and funding from business.

The Association has also managed to harness the enthusiasm of Nature Park Visitors and get at least some of them engaged in supporting the Nature Park and making a contribution. For example, when the Association needed a financial officer the Board members of the Association quickly identified an accountant who liked to visit the Nature Park but currently took care of her children which gave her the opportunity to do voluntary work for the Nature Park. The Association also managed to recruit a retired employee to take care of the administration of members. Other members are only prepared to make occasional contributions during events. However, the mix of volunteering opportunities makes the Association sustainable and ensures that it constantly develops new offers.

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Martin Duelli and 
Dr. Johannes Hertnagel wrote this case study in October 2014.

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