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How Garage Sale Trails help co-production of positive environmental and social behaviours in local communities

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Garage Sale Trail is an environmental education and community engagement initiative that began in Sydney, Australia in 2010. Now in its fifth year, the annual event involves communities taking part in one day of garage sales all across Australia.  In 2014, over 8,000 sales took place with over 2.9 million second-hand items for sale. Garage Sale Trail is now the country's biggest reuse event and fastest growing community and sustainability programme. Garage Sale Trail works in partnership with local councils and participation is free and open to all, from individual households to community groups, charities and local businesses.

In September 2015, Garage Sale Trail was piloted in the UK in three locations: The City of Brighton & Hove, the London Borough of Hackney, and the town of Todmorden in West Yorkshire. Garage Sale Trail UK is a non-profit organisation. This case study demonstrates the outcomes that Garage Sale Trail can achieve in the UK context through a co-production approach involving local councils and local communities.

About this case study
Main Contact

Andrew Dick

Director, Garage Sale Trail UK

Dr.  Jessica Steele and Andrew Dick wrote this case study in November 2015. 

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