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We believe that co-production is a better model for public services and communities .

"Co-production is about professionals and citizens making better use of each other’s assets, resources and contributions to achieve better outcomes or improved efficiency."

Governance International

Governance International's Co-Production Toolkit

This comprehensive toolkit helps public service commissioners and providers and communities to create public services which are collaborative, empowering and innovative.

This includes the following tools, tailored to the specific needs of your stakeholder group:

You can also download our Public Service
Co-Production Toolkit
as a pdf flyer here
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Training Portfolio

Governance International has also designed a range of briefing and training programmes targeted at different stakeholders to get their buy-in by demonstrating the improved outcomes and efficiency it can result in.

Our portfolio includes:

  • 2 hour briefing sessions for Boards and Management Teams, Cabinets and Scrutiny.

  • Half-day training sessions for service commissioners, heads of service provider units and people who use services.

  • One day training sessions for service managers and front-line professionals in public, private and nonprofit organisations.

Co-production is already a major issue in Camden, so we asked Governance International to run a workshop for our staff to explore how we could scale it up to other services. This was a real success – everyone was excited to see how much was already happening and what other opportunities there were. Camden is already building on this event to push forward. Co-production is getting even bigger!





Nick Webb, Head of Communities & Third Sector, Camden Council

How do the participants benefit?

Each briefing and training programme will be co-designed with the customer to consider the specific needs of the participants.

Governance International provides all participants with

  • Printed and electronic handouts with a full set of training slides and master copies of inter-active exercises to allow the participants to roll out the exercises with colleagues who may not participate in the training;

  • National and international case studies which are tailored to the sector and issues to be covered in the briefing and training session;

  • Written feed-back by Governance International trainers on follow-up assignments carried out in by delegates in their own agencies/units.

Click here to learn about other co-production tools developed by Governance International. 

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Governance International's Co-Production Star

Co-Design - Co-Manage - Co-Deliver - Co-Assess

The Governance International Co-Production Star shows professionals how to harness the potential of co-production by involving public managers, front-line staff and citizens in:

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CO-COMMISSIONING public services - shifting from a pure needs analysis to an asset-based outcomes approach enabling service user contribution.

CO-DESIGNING public services - using the customer journey approach to visualise service processes through the eyes of those using services.

CO-DELIVERING public services - identifying who is willing to do what through the Governance International Community Survey or focus groups.

CO-ASSESSING public services - involving citizens in service reviews and in the solving of problems through 360 service reviews, social media scrutinies and active complaints management.

Co-production Glossary

Governance International's Co-Production Tree helps you understand all you ever wanted to know about co-production. It defines the most commonly used terms and gives you clear examples - take a tour!

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Our Expertise

During its ten year history Governance International has built up an international reputation of expertise on the co-production of public services. This includes:

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